How Does One receive The Holy Ghost?

If you haven't received the Holy Ghost, and you want to receive Him into your life, I encourage you to follow Peter's instructions in Acts 2:37-38, and do as those in the House of Cornelius in Act 10 - Hear the Word, Believe the Word, Receive the Word into your heart. Rest assured that the Holy Spirit WILL come to your heart if you will believe all the Word and allow Him to LIVE His Life THROUGH YOU!

What God, by His GRace does in our lives is always in response to our faith in Him and His Word. Faith cometh by hearing the Word (Romans 10:17) Through the preaching and hearing of the Word the Lord breaks up the fallow ground of our hearts to receive the seed of His Word, getting us into condition to receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

This brings us to a discussion of the steps which the genuine believer takes toward God, showing an outward 'evidence' of the inward working of Divine Power. What effect does Justification, Sanctification and the Holy Spirit Baptism have in our lives?